This is my autobiographical blog.

I’ll take you on my journey to find myself. I am diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, which is a developmental disorder on the autistic spectrum. I have problems with nonverbal communication and social interaction. Which means I have limited understanding of other’s feelings, and I am physically clumsy. Well, you’ll smile at some of my clumsy moments. On the other hand I am very smart and intelligent. As far as I know there is no cure for my condition and most people think I am a weirdo. And this might be true. I started to accept that I am different from most people and eventually started to like the way I am.

My life hasn’t been easy and I had to go through a lot of shit that I don’t wish anyone to experience. There were times when I just didn’t want to stay here anymore and leave this planet… And sometimes fate looked like it was going to happen without having me to do something. But no, believe me it ain’t as easy. Fate had a different thing for me in mind. Let me suffer, fall down, very deep, put me into dark places and always let me crawl up again. Like an endless loop.

And yes, here I am – still here, still struggling… Running a wonderful resort, having a beautiful daughter and another one on the way.

I hope to help people who experience similar things to me and show them that life is still a wonderful gift we should hold on to. I don’t mind if you don’t like my blog. I am not a writer and I am not English native. If you keep on reading, I guess you’ll take something away for yourself, and this makes me happy.




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